Support the Sibling Support Project


There are millions of good reasons to financially support the Sibling Support Project.  Millions of people in the United States and around the world who have disabilities also have at least one typically developing brother or sister. Siblings need, and can benefit tremendously from, information and support. Investing in siblings results in positive, long-term outcomes for entire families.

A Meaningful Return on Your Investment

The Sibling Support Project is the United States’ pioneering national program dedicated to the life-long concerns of sibs.  We’ve made a difference across the U.S. and in countries around the world by:

  • Supporting young brothers and sisters by helping local communities create Sibshops;
  • Connecting thousands of young, teen, and adult sibs at workshops, conferences and online; and
  • Educating parents and service providers and parents about siblings’ unique concerns.

We passionately believe that by giving sibs the support, information, and tools they need, everyone benefits: typically-developing sibs, parents, taxpayers, service providers, and especially the family member who has a disability.

Brothers and sisters are an incredibly deserving, yet often overlooked, population. Your generosity allows us to continue to support young, teen, and adult siblings from around the world.

Help us keep a good thing going!

Please consider donating here, and include “Sibling Support Project” in the field for additional information. All gifts are tax-deductible, and will make a considerable difference for siblings.

“As I wrote ‘Riding the Bus with My Sister,’ I learned of The Sibling Support Project’s important work. Whether it’s helping local communities start Sibshops, connecting young and adult sibs with their peers on SibTeen and SibNet, conducting wonderful workshops for parents and providers, or creating engaging books for sibs and families, the Sibling Support Project is the go-to group for all things sibling.”

 – Rachel Simon, Sister – Author, “Riding the Bus with My Sister”