Want to Start a Sibshop?

Since 1990, we’ve helped hundreds of agencies start a Sibshop for the young brothers and sisters in their communities. Below is a summary of the steps to starting a Sibshop:

  1. Learn more about the Sibshop model.  A good place to start is by reading the Frequently Asked Questions about Sibshops and the University of Washington Study on the Impact of Sibshops.  If you wish to dig deeper, the official Sibshop curriculum is available here.
  2. Read the Sibshop Standards of Practice.  The Sibshop Standards of Practice describe the expectations we have of sibling programs that call themselves “Sibshops.”
  3. Attend a Sibshop facilitator training.  The only way to become a certified (first-generation) Sibshop facilitator is to attend an online or in-person Sibshop Facilitator training. Learn more about our training here.
  4. Register your Sibshop.  After you’ve completed a Sibshop facilitator training, you’ll complete a no-cost Sibshop registration.
  5. Join the Sibshop Facilitator Forum At least one facilitator from your Sibshop will join our closed Facebook group dedicated entirely to supporting facilitators of registered Sibshops. Please answer all 3 questions when you request membership to the group.