Sibling Leadership Network

The Sibling Support Project has been a proud member of the Sibling Leadership Network since its inception in 2007.

Services for people with disabilities in the United States—and indeed the world—would not be the same had it not been for the leadership of five remarkable siblings: Eunice, Jack, Bobby, Jean, and Teddy Kennedy. And less well-known brothers and sisters have provided leadership and advocacy within the disability community for a long time. Until recently, however, they have not been organized to provide leadership from a sibling perspective.

This changed in 2007 with the creation of the Sibling Leadership Network, a national organization that provides siblings of people with disabilities the information, tools, and guidance to advocate for—and with—their brothers and sisters. The Sibling Leadership Network consists of individual and state groups that come together and meet to develop yearly action plans to support family policy initiatives.

The Sibling Leadership Network recognizes:

We’re stronger together. SLN members connect with siblings and sibling supporters nationwide.

Information is power. All SLN members receive information and updates about activities as well as initiatives, policy decisions and sibling related events that are important to brothers and sisters.

Local connections help. Members get information about how to connect with or create a state or local sibling chapter of the SLN.

Siblings matter. As our membership increases, so does SLN’s impact. The more members we have, the stronger our voice in promoting support for people with disabilities and their families.

Currently, 27 states have chapters of the Sibling Leadership Network. These chapters vary regarding their activities, but all of them can be excellent opportunities to connect with other adult sibs.

Becoming a member of the Sibling Leadership Network costs nothing and takes a minute to join. It’s also a great way to meet other brothers and sisters!