Grandparents of Kids with Special Needs (GKSN)

Grandparents of Kids with Special Needs (GKSN) is an online community hosted by the Sibling Support Project where grandparents can connect with others who “get it.”  Our work with grandparents began around the same time that Sibshops were created, in 1982.

GKSN is a warm, thoughtful, and inviting group where members share unique concerns, joys, frustrations, and information with others who truly understand! GKSN is a closed group, meaning others can see that you belong to GKSN, but only GKSN members can see what you’ve posted to GKSN.

An important note to parents! Please know that this a group just for grandparents of kids with special needs! While we appreciate your interest in grandparent’s issues, GKSN is not for parents.

An equally important note to researchers, students, and journalists. While we appreciate your interest, please know that GKSN is a community, not a subject pool.